Grant Beacon Middle School, a Denver Public School, is where students Achieve, Lead and Grow Together. One of the most direct ways this happens is through Blended Learning, which staff, teachers and students have embraced this school year.

The program has been so successful, it was named the second Janus Blended Learning Lab Site for Denver Public Schools. As part of the DPS’s strategy to offer blended learning more widely in its classrooms, Grant Beacon joins West Generation Academy as a pilot site to integrate blended learning, which pairs teacher-led instruction with digital, online curriculum to provide students with opportunities to personalize and control the pace of their learning.

But what exactly is Blended Learning?

This video helps show how teachers in a blended learning model are able to differentiate their lessons in fairly large classes, while still allowing every student to reach for high achievements on their own while still receiving close, needed assistance from their instructor teacher.