Kepner Beacon Students spent the evening with Emmanuel Sanders

A group of Kepner Beacon students got to spend the evening at a fancy restaurant with Emmanuel Sanders yesterday. Check out the pictures below.

6 Grade Academy

For our incoming 6th graders, the 6th Grade Academy starts August 6th-10th from 8am to 12pm. The Academy is required. Get to know the school and your teachers before all students return. The dates are the same for both KBMS and GBMS.

Registration for 2018-19 School Year

Save the date! Registration for the 2018-19 will start July 31st to August 1st from 8am to 2pm and August 2nd from 10am to 6pm. The dates are the same for both KBMS and GBMS.


Beacon Schools are consistently OVERALL¬†GREEN status on the Denver Public School’s Performance Framework.


Using our four cornerstones student experience a personalized learning enviroment that meets them at their needs.

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Teacher are encouraged to explore new skills or passions that they can bring into the classroom via perfessional development and coaching opportunities.

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These cornerstones result in personalized learning plans, allow students to explore their unique interests and develop character.

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