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Beacon Schools are committed to cultivating character and a passion for learning that journeys with each student well beyond our hallways.

Our Culture

We welcome all students into our culture and make sure students have a safe space to grow and learn, built on mutual respect and unity.

Our Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to explore new skills or passions that they can bring into the classroom via professional development and coaching opportunities.

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Beacon Network Schools

Beacon schools are committed to the high achievement and growth of every student. Beacon schools provide a college preparatory program of study that sets high expectations and requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Through the collaborative work of students, staff, families and community partners, Beacon schools will bring together diverse communities and prepare students with the academic knowledge and 21st century leadership skills necessary for college and career success.


Beacon Networks School Character Traits



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics:
-Game Design
- Game Coding and Design
-Trade Skills
-Aerospace and Rocketry
-Digital Skills

Enrichment Programs

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Athletics teach teamwork, accountability, and hard work:
-Running Club
-Tai Chi
-Jiu Jitsu

Arts & Culture

-Cartoon U
-DJ & Hop Hop Culture
-Mindful Social Media
-Film Club
-African Drumming
-Mixed Media
-Community Art Projects


-Student Ambassadors
-Shark Tank
- Hope Club
- Goodwill Leadership
-Girls Inc
- Boys Leadership


-Study Hall
Enrichment Classes
Enrolled Students
Education Awards

Pillars of Personalized Learning

Our pillars were developed by teacher and staff to create curriculum to meet students at their individual needs building a personalized learning environment. 

  • Blended Learning – Utilizing differentiated one to one and in-house built online lessons students can move at their own pace.
  • Character Development – By measuring five traits students are given feedback on their overall mental and moral development.
  • Extended Day Opportunities – Each quarter students signup for two end of day enrichment opportunities.
  • Critical Thinking – We teach students to problem solve and to truly work for creative solutions.

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