Do My Middle School Grades Matter to Colleges?

All grades do matter for achieving future educational goals. Getting good marks can mean the difference in your child winning scholarship awards and gaining entrance to their dream college(s). Achieving such goals beginsz in middle school. While these grades do not directly affect your kid’s high school transcripts and chances at college acceptance, they can have a lasting impact in other ways. If your middle schooler wants to achieve their educational goals, they can set themselves up for future success now.

1.    Start Creating Good Study Habits

Students can develop learning tools in middle school that will help them to earn remarkable grades in high school. These can increase your chances of getting into advanced high school classes by having strong grades in middle school. Some advanced courses will transfer credits, which will save tuition money down the line. Tell your child to start with small, achievable goals. For example, set aside a few minutes each night to review subjects that they’re having trouble with. Once this has become a habit, you can help them extend the time spent on this. Encourage them to create a group for this purpose, so that they can still socialize while learning. Reviewing class notes and preparing ahead of time for tests can go a long way to help them throughout their educational careers.

2.    Learn Which are Your child’s Favorite Subjects

Students tend to pay more attention to their favorite subjects and tend to excel in these areas. Their interests can help indicate which careers they’d like to learn more about. You can start to research these occupations and see which courses will be most beneficial for your student. They may find that they don’t care for a certain career after learning more about it, but this helps narrow the search. For example, if a student enjoys English and reading classes, then they can focus on taking more advanced classes in those subjects as well as to join local writing clubs. You may even reach out to a local publisher to ask about job shadowing.

3.    Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Colleges like to admit well-rounded individuals. They like to see that their students can balance an active life outside of learning. This helps to prove that they will be successful when they get to college and you are not there to remind them of their responsibilities. If your middle schooler volunteers at a nature center or has been taking dance lessons since they were five, that is a great start. They can continue their extracurricular activities throughout high school and include those in their college applications. If a student has not started a hobby, figure out what interests them. Taking part in activities shows passion and commitment. A student also stands out more if they are in a leadership position. Although your middle schoolers’ interests and activities may change over time, what is most important is to show their dedication to learning outside of the classroom on their applications.

Do Colleges Look at My Middle School Grades?

Universities will look at high school grades, particularly junior year grades, to understand the students’ potential. While middle school grades may not have a direct impact on college admission, the habits that your child develops in those years are crucial for setting them up for success. The best ways for middle school students to prepare for college are developing good study habits, deciding which classes interest them, and taking part in their preferred extracurricular hobbies. Nourishing these healthy routines can help them to be successful throughout their educational journey.