How Enrichments Improve Your Child’s Life

Beacon Network Schools recognize the value of curiosity time in the development of children. Our efforts include offering enrichment activities to Grant Beacon and Kepner Beacon students in partnership with vendors from our community. Not only do community providers share their passions but so do our teachers. Beacon’s enrichments allow children to explore various topics and interests outside of their regular school day and the Beacon curriculum. Our enrichments include sports, arts and culture, STEM, academics and leadership programming – to name a few. Enrichments are not just fun—they benefit children in unique ways!

Children learn to respect and cooperate with each other in group activities.

When a child participates in a group, they not only have a chance to participate, but an opportunity to lead an activity or a group project. Leadership skills are important both in the classroom and in life. Once they graduate and start working in the real world, they will have a valuable skillset in working with various personality types. They are more capable when resolving personal conflicts between classmates or trying to empathize with others. Most importantly, they may build friendships they might not otherwise have the chance to make in any other setting.

Students can choose a club or activity that interests them.

Beacon Network Schools have a wide range of clubs and activities that meet students’ interests. They range from community art projects to mathletics to coding. Enrichments give children an opportunity to explore their own interests, opening more avenues for careers and hobbies as they get older. Art education encourages children to creatively learn skills related to the four core subjects: math, science, language arts, and social studies. (The link between music learning and mathematical skills is strong, for instance.) Moreover, children who take part in arts and sports have better test scores and grades than others. This also teaches them to balance their time, an invaluable skill in as they move to high school and post-secondary.

Students can learn about discipline and fitness in sports.

Children who take part in sports learn how to stick to a schedule, develop self-discipline, and improve their stamina and focus. They have a chance to learn more about collaboration with others. Studies show that enrichments improve confidence and self-esteem in kids, overcoming any fear or uncertainty that may come up. Participating in sports has more health benefits, giving them an opportunity for regular exercise.

Children look forward to enrichments as a fun, relaxing time to spend pursuing their interests and spending time with their friends. They learn valuable skills and have more lifelong advantages beyond school. Enrichments are not only useful, but crucial to academic knowledge, character development, and 21st century leadership skills—three concepts at the heart of the Beacon Network Schools.