What It Means to be a Beacon Zone School

Attending a Beacon Zone school can change students’ lives. Beacon Zone is committed to personalizing the learning of all students by committing to a common set of values. We have the freedom to expand our curriculum, which can create opportunities like offering a robotics course or mixing personalized learning with online learning. Our schools can work beyond the guidelines that in-district traditional educators must follow. Here are a few ways that make a Zone school stand out from the rest.

Zone Schools Can Pool their Resources Together

Zone schools can make more autonomous, yet collective decisions about curriculum, staffing, schedule, budget, and culture. A common management system provides the same standard of success and holds them accountable for results. The

Beacon Zone has high expectations for it’s entities and individuals alike to accomplish their goals. The district, outside partners, and Zone staff members support all schools. This guiding system enables schools to have access to resources needed to provide high quality educational experiences to students. With this kind of support, school administrators devote more time in classrooms and teachers are empowered into improving student development and achievement in their schools.

Zone Schools Foster Community Engagement

A Zone school interacts with the local community. The school takes part in decision-making through the community-based nonprofit responsible for oversight, support, and accountability. This comprises of community members, parents, teachers and administrators working together to support the schools in the zone. It also helps children and their families to become more involved in their education. Children also develop social skills and self-confidence within their communities. They grow up in a familiar environment and teachers and students can communicate more effectively when establishing a rapport.

Zone Schools Allow Students to Blossom

Beacon Zone schools offer a more personal approach to learning by teaching students a one-on-one learning method while also utilizing online learning tools. Newer technology helps students with the digital knowledge that they need to apply to their lives after school. Students in need of alternatives to traditional education approaches will enjoy this program. They can learn how to solve problems, make use of their creative abilities, pique their curiosity, and are held accountable with their work when meeting deadlines. Zone schools promote innovation through experiential learning. They offer more flexibility and commitment to children, helping them to gain the skills and resilience needed for their future careers.

Zone schools promote high achievement, community engagement, and personalized learning environments for every student. Zone schools challenge their students and brings communities together to decide on the best future outcomes. Being a Zone school is not just for measuring test results and rote traditional education but for creating skilled future leaders ready for the 21st century.