How Technology Boosts Personalized Learning in the Classroom


Teachers personalize student learning through recitation, lectures, and meaningful relationships. Introducing technology to the classroom leads to a higher degree of learning. Project based learning, student-led discussions, small group instruction, independent learning, and group learning are also methods used to help lessons resonate with pupils.

An active personalized learning strategy integrates digital tools into the curriculum and provides students with the skills that they will need in order to join the future workforce.  The most foundational strategies use technology in the classroom, creating a much more student owned meaningful and engaging experience.

Classroom Technology with Meaning


Classrooms that use digital tools allow students to work together to problem-solve, which is a critical skill needed to navigate college. It is also an essential skill in our ever-evolving digital world. In blended learning, we use Moodle as our Learning Management System, an online portal that we combine with traditional classroom methods. Students pick up marketable skills, including critical thinking, interpersonal communication and decision-making traits that are important later in life.


Utilizing differentiated one-to-one lessons structured by internal staff, each student moves independently through the coursework receiving additional assistance or advanced learning opportunities when applicable. We have placed students in advanced online course work while they are still in their grade-level class. Blended learning allows students to have a voice and a preference in what they know and how best they can learn. Our system enables teachers to provide ongoing feedback on student performance and make ongoing adjustments.

Personalization for Every Learner

We are mindful of the quality of school technology and its role in our personalized learning strategy. Each child is assigned a personal Chromebook. Anywhere students have access to the Internet, they can use a personalized learning plan to strengthen their understanding of classroom concepts.

Once students join our middle schools, they have access to Moodle, our education management system, to view their lessons online. Moodle is a digital platform that enables students to move through more rigorous challenges while mastering content. Data is easily gathered from online learning and empowers teachers to create individuaizedl learning plans, helping students to understand their strengths and challenges.


Educational Technology for the Future

With the wide array of diverse learning needs and our belief in inclusion, the utilization of digital tools helps to hone in on lesson individualization and leads to a strong educational foundation, one that will last well beyond middle school. Our teachers have adopted innovative technology more than ever, and our pupils are stronger because of it. We believe it is our duty as teachers and administrators at Beacon Network Schools to provide students with the tools and skills to excel long after they leave our halls.