Information Regarding DPS Teacher Strike:

Our student safety, education, and learning is always the top priority for all of us at GBMS and KBMS. We have wonderful teachers and staff that we value tremendously and know that they are incredible professionals that always have a “Students First” mentality. As we are sure you are informed, after negotiations, the Denver Classroom Teachers Association has chosen to vote on a strike. We want to make sure to communicate with you that we will continue to provide a safe, structured and loving school environment for your child when the Denver Classroom Teachers Association decides to strike.

Our doors will be open and students will be in classes and extracurricular activities unless otherwise noted by the superintendent.  We have created a slightly different bell schedule to accommodate for staff that will be out, guest teachers coming in, and additional staff members that will be serving as guest teachers. We will ensure that students are in math, literacy, reading and electives classes. They will also have time for exercise, fun, electives, enrichment and recess and are provided safe and well-structured environments.

We understand that each family will approach this situation differently. We encourage you to send your child(ren) to school, but if f you choose to keep your child(ren) home during the duration of the teacher strike, we ask that you please call the absence into the main office or attendance line at GBMS at 720-423-9363# or KBMS at 720-424-0027 to inform us that you are keeping your child home due to the strike. Your child will not be penalized for this absence on their attendance.  For continued information please look for our Beacon Constant Contact, check the website and Facebook page.

It will be necessary and important to bring our community together when our staff and students have all returned and we will be intentional and proactive in this process.