The goal of the Beacon Network Enrichment program  is to provide our students with a wide range of academic, S.T.EM. Sports, Arts & Culture and Leadership programming that they would not normally be exposed to in the regular school day.   Through the integration of technology and collaborative work of: students, staff, families, and community partners, we are working to prepare students with the academic knowledge, character development, and 21st-century leadership skills necessary for continued success. The BNS Enrichment Programming has contributed not only to the academic success of the Beacon Network but has also increased the demand of our school by more than 40%. 


“When school-aged and teens do not have access to such programming and are left unsupervised, they are more likely to receive poor grades, drop out of school, and engage in high-risk behaviors than children who participate in constructive activities supervised by responsible adults.”

NEA- Education Policy and Practice Development- Center for Great Schools

Enrichments made possible by:

Community Art Projects

This class is designed to be fun, active and creative. We will take a tour around the Globe. We’ll be exploring multi-cultural themes through art, We create a group project to “Give Back” to our Community. The group will decide what we make and whom we “Give Back.”

Cartoon U!

Like Spiderman? Can U cartoon? Yes, you can, after having fun in a drawing Cartoon class. We draw people, animals, original characters, single and multi-panel cartoons, and for some: mural cartoons to be hung up in the school! Work on your animation skills in a fun, chill, and relaxing cartoon class.


In this course, students will learn a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, or bass) and will practice and perform together at concerts throughout the school year.


Do you LOVE Math and want to challenge yourself while having fun.? Mathletics is an exciting and challenging class that will prepare students to compete in a rigorous Mathematics competition across the district. We will have fun while pushing ourselves to learn higher level Math all at the same time!

Media Mindfulness

YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter… Social media is a great way to connect but it can cause stress and be all consuming. In this class you will explore ways to engage in social media without increasing stress while learning how to create posts and content that can make a positive impact on you and others.

Girls are Great!

Join us for some girl time. We will talk about what’s important to you: relationships, friends, health, your future and so much more.

Improv Acting

Do you like to play games that allow you to act and be silly? Do you like to make up stories? Do you like to react to challenging scenarios? This class will give you the chance to act, create, and play games. It is a great way to gain communication skills and confidence while having fun.

DJ & Hip-Hop

Hip Hop and Pop Culture in Denver (Music - MC, DJ, Beats, Songwriting) Are you creative? Are you interested in current events? Join the Cypher, where we will discuss current events and use the arts to tackle issues that are important to you and your community! Experience Artivism in Denver! Use a range of musical elements form hip hop and pop culture as a platform for social change. Build your creative skills and collaborate on a final project.

Trade Skills

Do you like to work with your hands? Have ever wanted to learn how to make things and fix things? Then this is your enrichment. You will get to work on projects and learn first hand from professionals in plumbing, electrical, screen printing and more much more.

Hope Club

HOPE Club stands for Human Rights, Open Minds, Pride, and Equity. HOPE Club is a safe and fun space to get together with other students to discuss school climate and advocate for change.

Boys Leadership Academy

Do you want to be a leader in your school and community? Do you wish you had better skills to handle conflict better? Want to know how to set goals and stick to them? In this class you will gain valuable skills that will assist you in conflict resolution, goal development, and leadership. This is a fun, hand-on class that will involve videos, outside activities and field trips!


This class is designed to improve self-confidence, physical health, and teamwork skills all while having a ton of fun! Learn and perfect arm movements, cheers, chants, and choreography that are full of excitement and energy. Are you planning on trying out for the Dance or Cheer Team? Or maybe you just enjoy the use of poms while dancing? Students focus on developing strength and flexibility along with technique as a basis for tumbling skills.


Do you like to work with your hands and love tech. This is a great class that will allow you to build you own robotics devices and compete with them.

Digital Music

GarageBand, Soundtrap Fans or if you are just curious about these programs and you want to know more, this is the class for you! Every quarter we will offer a slightly different version of the Digital Music class. This 1st quarter will be a good opportunity for students who are new to digital music, or might want to try it out for the first time. We will learn the basics about creating drum patterns, melodies, chords and basslines with software like GarageBand and Soundtrap.

Student Ambassadors (7th and 8th grade)

Are you an advocate for change in and around your school? Do you want to actively improve the world around you through community service projects and community engagement? If so, join Student ambassadors!

Girls Softball

Girls softball is a competitive sport that is 4 days a week. Girls will practice hitting, base running, throwing, and catching. Girls are required to participate at practice, maintain good grades and have good behavior in order to play. Tryouts are required.

X-Country/Running Team

Get up and get moving! Speed, agility, strength, balance and teamwork are the tenets of most sports and will be incorporated into this session. Get a great workout while having fun learning drills, sports performance techniques and improving endurance and stamina. This is a team sport and a 4 day commitment. Be prepared to participate in practices and meets.

Boys Soccer

Do you get a kick out of Soccer? Then try out for GBMS Boys Soccer.. We’ll do lots of soccer drills, learn new skills, be part of the team and help represent the Griffins on the soccer field. This class is all 4 day of week commitment. This is a tryout sport.

African Drumming

The Djembe is a hand drum from West Africa. It is known as the ‘Unity Drum’ because when it is played people come from far and wide to listen, dance, and rejoice. In this class, each scholar gets the opportunity to be a part of The Djembe Orchestra. Work together with Professional Musicians to learn proper djembe posture and technique, then put it all together in a final presentation!

Magic: The Gathering Club

Do you like wizards, monsters, spells, and magic? Magic is a game that lets you build your own army of creatures and spells, and challenge your friends to epic duels! It is one of the most popular games in the world, with more than 35 million players around the world. Join the Magic club to learn how to play, build your own deck, duel your friends, and discover the incredible world of Magic: The Gathering.

Girls, Inc

Girls will have the opportunity to have healthy and open conversation in a safe and comfortable GIRL ONLY space. Girls INC. is a group for young women to discuss the issues that affect our lives as young women. We will discuss healthy relationships, body image and the media, goals and dreams, empowering other women and much more.

Jiu Jitsu - Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling based martial art and combat sport that focuses on control and submissions rather than strikes. The fundamentals class focuses on learning and applying techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Students practice various techniques using a traditional Gi, also known as a kimono. Students learn and practice sweeps, submissions, escapes, counters, from various positions. The fundamentals class provides students a base to pursue more advanced study of jiu jitsu.


Feeling stressed out or having trouble sleeping? This class will give you tools to feel less stressed, more relaxed, focused and restful.

E Sports

Are you a gamer? In this enrichment we will play the Blizzard game Heroes of the Storm on gaming laptops. We have awesome gaming mouses and play this MOBA style game in teams of 5.

Game Coding/Design

Are you a gamer? Have you ever wanted to learn how to design your own games? Are you interested in how our amazing computers actually work? Then this is the enrichment for you. You will learn line coding in Python - a real-world coding language.

Planet Earth Club

Our planet is full of so many amazing plants and animals. Come join us as we watch exciting videos exploring our planet.

Band Practice Sessions

This group is a mixed grade level band that will play advanced level music. Students will be recommended by Ms. Gilmore. Others who are interested, please speak directly with Ms. Gilmore before signing up.

Mixed Media Art

Explore a variety of materials to express yourself with. From painting to printmaking, collage and repurposing everyday items into treasures. We will discover alternatives ways of creating traditional techniques into exciting projects in calm and mindful setting

Aerospace & Rocketry

Rockets, Airplanes and more.. Do you like to makes things fly? In this enrichment you will make your own rubber-band powered airplane and you will build and launch a model rocket with a solid-fuel motor that can reach heights of 200 feet or more. Both the rocket and airplane will be yours to keep and fly again. Through these projects and other exciting activities, you will explore the forces that make airplanes maneuver in the sky and rockets launch into space. Along the way, you'll learn about the challenges and thrills that pilots and astronauts experience.

Film Club

You may not think so, but books and movies have lots in common! In this class, we will explore how movie directors set tone and develop characters and plot – just like authors do! We will be watching clips to explore the decisions that storytellers make in order to tell a GREAT story.

Shark Tank - Youth Biz!

Have you ever wondered how NIKE, Under Armour, Apple and other companies got started? Are you curious about how business works? Do you have an idea you would like to create? In this Enrichment you will get the chance to create a product and sell it. You will learn about how to run a business and make a profit. Learn first hand from successful business leaders.

First Lego League (Robotics Competition)

First Lego League is an exciting opportunity to learn about robotics with OpenWorld Learning (OWL). Unlike other enrichments, this one is a full semester (Quarter 1 and 2 commitment), because there is a big competition in November that we will compete in! The theme for this year's competition is "Into Orbit", which means we'll be programming robots and making research projects based on the exploration of outer space. If you have any questions about this enrichment, please email Mr. GD at Mr.GD@Grantbeaconms.org


This course is open to anyone interested in the world of Minecraft. You will be able to work on basic skills such as mining for resources, building a home, farming and raising animals, or more complex skills like enchanting, mining for rare minerals, orienteering, and redstone engineering. The class will be a mix of organized team-building challenges and free play. There are infinite possibilities with Minecraft!