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Character Traits

When our students move onto high school, they will possess the character of a Grant Griffin — the traits that will serve them throughout their lives from high school, college, career and beyond. Character traits are discussed in student advisory classes. Students are scored on their practice of character traits and those exemplifying excellent character traits are recognized throughout the school year including through weekly celebrations.

Leadership: Griffins nurture abilities in themselves and others to make an equitable impact on their community.

Perseverance: Griffins demonstrate the ability to establish goals and work in pursuit of overcoming challenges, even after experiencing difficulty or failure.

Integrity: Griffins display an intrinsic motivation to be honest and fair in their consideration and regard for self, others and community.

Curiosity: Griffins exemplify the desire to learn and show initiative to explore new things.

Kindness: Griffins exhibit friendliness, empathy, generosity, and consideration.