We are officially halfway through the school year, and our students ended the year with so much excitement! We wrapped up 2013 by delivering Thanksgiving meals to many families, hosting 5th graders from elementary schools, donating reusable GBMS grocery bags filled with food from Whole Foods, playing music at our GBMS Open House / Enrichment Showcase, decorating holiday doors, and finally celebrating in our Holiday Bash on the last day of school! We had a great time in the weeks approaching winter break, but now that we are returning back to school, it is critical that we talk to our students about importance of putting in 100% effort into all academic areas.

Many of our students have been making remarkable progress!  Our focus on blended learning, the extended school day, and student leadership is preparing them for the rigors of high school and college. It is important for you to check their grades on www.engradepro.com.  Engrade gives our students realtime feedback on their grades, and our students need to maintain a 2.6 or above GPA in each of their classes.  The students can also check their online assignments on our learning management system (Moodle): http://courses.grantbeaconms.org/.  Through our Moodle, you can find all teacher lesson plans, academic resources, tutorials, learning goals and extension activities.

Furthermore, we are beginning our quarter 3 enrichment classes on January 13th.  Our students can select from a wide range of enrichments which include intervention classes, yearbook, dance, technology, music, sports and many more!  Check with your student and ask them about their enrichment class.

As we move into the second half of the school year, we will be revisiting the GBMS Beacon Contract with many of the students. As measured by their grades and/or attendance, we have some students that are not meeting the grade-level requirements.  All students are expected to complete nightly homework, which includes 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of math.  Effective January 13th, all students that fail to complete their homework or are not following the GBMS expectations, will be required to serve 4:00-5:00pm detention.  If our students are to be prepared for the rigors of high school and be college bound, they  must have a habit of completing homework.   We will need your support by requiring your son/daughters to complete their nightly homework (30 minutes of reading  and 30 minutes of math).

We are excited to have our students back in school, and we look forward to a great 2nd half of the school year!

Alex Magaña