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Blended Learning

Blended Learning partners classroom instructional time with technology resulting in a personalized learning plan for each student that is tailored to his or her academic needs. Blended Learning also provides students with the opportunity to have a voice and a choice in both what they are learning, and how best to learn it. Our system allows teachers to frequently measure student growth and achievement.

Blended Learning Classrooms

Walk into a Blended Learning class, and you may see: All students receiving targeted, direct instruction from a teacher; a small group of students receiving instruction from a teacher; groups of students working collaboratively; students working individually at computers to complete research-based online programs or varying levels of teacher-created online activities and project-based activities.

KBMS Moodle

iconMoodleWhen students register at KBMS, they will gain online access to their classes through our learning management system, Moodle. The KBMS Moodle will provide students a personalized digital platform that, as they master content, allows them to move on to new, rigorous challenges that builds on previous knowledge.

A student’s personalized learning plan is available anywhere they can access the internet to reinforce concepts taught in school.

Data is easily accumulated from online learning allowing teachers to create personalized learning plans for each student and help students understand their strengths and challenges.