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What is an Innovation School?

Passed in 2008, the Innovation Schools Act provides a pathway for schools to develop practices to better meet the needs of individual students and allows them more autonomy to make decisions at the school-level. Application for Innovation status must be approved by a local school board and the Colorado Department of Education.

KBMS has gained such approval giving it the ability to implement:

  • A more rigorous college prep curriculum
  • Blended learning with technology-based instruction, applications, and assessments
  • A system for frequently analyzing student data
  • Research-based interventions that result in high growth and achievement.

Innovation Status will allow Kepner Beacon Middle School to increase instructional time, continue to reduce class sizes in reading, writing and math and continue to provide professional development needed to meet the needs of our diverse learners.


Specific areas of Innovation include:

  1. Integration of Technology including an assigned Chromebook for every student.
  2. Rigorous Academics and additional time for math and reading interventions in extended day.
  3. Enrichment Opportunities including music/band and foreign language electives.