Network Team

Alex Magaña

Executive Director of the Beacon Network Schools
Beacon Network Schools executive director, Alex Magaña has a strong track record of increasing academic achievement in schools serving high poverty/ high minority populations in DPS. A graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, Alex followed his desire to make a difference, transitioning to public education. Although successful in the accounting field, he believed his commitment to education was reflective of his desire to give back to those who had invested in him.  After briefly teaching in Florida, Alex joined DPS as a math teacher at Kepner Middle School.  Shortly thereafter, he obtained his Masters Degree from the University of Denver and continued to advance professionally becoming a math coach, an assistant principal, and ultimately, a principal. Since receiving innovation status in 2011, and under his thoughtful guidance, and as a result of his effective, intentional leadership, Grant Beacon Middle School has become nationally recognized as a leader in the non-traditional landscape, boasting one of the highest academic growth rates continuously among Denver’s secondary schools.  Kepner Beacon Middle School, now in it’s fourth year, is experiencing the same remarkable outcomes for learners in this traditionally underserved community.  With a vision of expansion, Alex continues to seek additional opportunities to significantly impact all learners in a setting that readies them for success throughout high school, in college, and beyond. 

Roseyn Hood

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Director of Operations

Daniel Walsh

Jennifer Kent

Director of Academics

Frank Gonzales

GBMS Assistant Principal

Martha Torres

KBMS Assistant Principal


Chris Colias

Dean of Teacher Development

Valerie Svoboda