Navigating Roadblocks on the Path to Education Reform

As we think about education reform, do we authentically take the time to contemplate the roadblocks and hurdles that must be overcome in order to fully realize the initiatives that could ultimately transform the landscape of learning, leading, and thriving? I frequently listen to my colleagues, frustrated and somewhat disillusioned by those unavoidable barriers that.

Special Announcement: 10/2/2019

To Our Beacon Network Families: We have been notified that DPS Transportation may have a limited number of drivers tomorrow, Wednesday, October 2nd. We know a number of our students at Grant/Kepner Beacon ride the bus to and from school. All tardies will be excused as we know this situation may cause delays. If your.

Fall into Family Fun at the 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Patch!

This autumn is a cool season, and it’s not because of the temperatures. You can look forward to celebrating the changing leaves, crisp air, and all things fall, at the 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Patch! What’s Up at Platt Park’s The 4th Annual Great Pumpkin Patch is a FREE, one-stop fall event for the entire.

Make it Personal: Why the Individual Approach to Learning is So Effective

Share this post Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Make it Personal: Why the Individual Approach to Learning is So Effective This has become the age of personalization, and it’s easy to see why: after the rush of newness wears off, what keeps a product or concept interesting is the ability to.

How an Adult Mentor Can Influence A Young Person

Few can argue with the idea that having a positive adult role model as a child can substantially impact  their life later on. In fact, compelling evidence supports this. More than one in three young people (around 16 million)have never had an adult mentor—of any kind. That includes some nine million at-risk youth.  Studies show.

How to Prepare for College

Don’t let it surprise you, but college is just around the corner. Yes, even for those of you with middle schoolers! Regardless of where your student is at in their educational journey, it’s never too early to begin the college planning process. From finding your student’s dream school to nailing the application, here’s a short.