What It Means to be a Beacon Zone School

Attending a Beacon Zone school can change students’ lives. Beacon Zone is committed to personalizing the learning of all students by committing to a common set of values. We have the freedom to expand our curriculum, which can create opportunities like offering a robotics course or mixing personalized learning with online learning. Our schools can.

How Enrichments Improve Your Child’s Life

How Enrichments Improve Your Child’s Life Beacon Network Schools recognize the value of curiosity time in the development of children. Our efforts include offering enrichment activities to Grant Beacon and Kepner Beacon students in partnership with vendors from our community. Not only do community providers share their passions but so do our teachers. Beacon’s enrichments.

Challenge Denver and Screenagers

To support the well-being of teens and their families, Challenge Denver and the Denver Waldorf School warmly invite parents, community members, and students to a FREE reception, screening and engaging panel discussion of Screenagers: The Next Chapter.  Join us and bring your friends!

Why You Should Stay in School

When you hear the word “school” during a conversation, you may think of several unpleasant things. Thoughts of endless homework, long days of classes, and to-do lists of activities and sports that can overwhelm you. With so much pressure to get good grades and to go to college, daily life can become grueling. You may wonder if.

A Quick Guide to Choosing Movies That Middle Schoolers Will Love

If your preteen wants to have a movie night with friends, you may find yourself with the difficult task of finding and approving an age suitable film. They are a little old for kids’ movies but not old enough yet for more mature movies. It may be tough to find one that they are interested.

Do My Middle School Grades Matter to Colleges?

All grades do matter for achieving future educational goals. Getting good marks can mean the difference in your child winning scholarship awards and gaining entrance to their dream college(s). Achieving such goals beginsz in middle school. While these grades do not directly affect your kid’s high school transcripts and chances at college acceptance, they can.