our Pillars of Personalized Learning

Our four pillars were developed by teachers and staff to create curriculum to meet students at their individual needs; building a personalized learning environment. 

Critical Thinking

Our students are taught to utilize all information about a situation or problem in order to form an education conclusion. This is an essential life skill that will help students to problem - solve long after they leave our hallways.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning pairs classroom instructional time with technology, resulting in a personalized learning plan for each student that is tailored to his or her academic needs. Blended Learning also provides students with the opportunity to have a voice and a choice in what they learn and how to learn. Our system allows teachers to frequently measure student growth and achievement.

Character Development

When our students move on to high school, they are equipped with character traits that will serve them throughout their lives. Character traits are discussed in student advisory classes and students are scored on their ability to practice them. Those exemplifying excellent character traits are recognized in class and at weekly celebrations. Beacon character traits are:
Leadership: Students nurture leadership abilities in themselves and others to make an equitable impact on their community.
Perseverance: Students demonstrate the ability to establish goals and work in pursuit of overcoming challenges, even after experiencing difficulty or failure.
Integrity: Students display an intrinsic motivation to be honest and fair in their consideration and regard for self, others, and community.
Curiosity: Students exemplify the desire to learn and show initiative to explore new things.
Kindness: Students exhibit friendliness, empathy, generosity, and consideration.

Extended day opportunities

Beacon students attend school approximately five additional hours or more per week. This allows time for additional academic instruction, advanced classes, interventions for students who need additional support, and enrichment programs.